Air Bed Dimensions

What exactly is an air bed you might ask? When was it invented and what was the sole purpose of its invention?

Well, an air bed, air mattress or even a blow-up bed are all the same. 3 different words but one great invention.

Air beds were invented in 1889 by a company in Massachusetts. Originally, they were produced to replace hair-filled mattresses on Atlantic steamships. The purpose of this was because they could be deflated and stored away easily. It also doubled up as a life raft if ever needed, which is a bonus.

In the 20th century, air beds became popular with landlubbers. They moved into tiny apartments in the city and space was very limited. 

In over 130 years, the spectacular design has remained virtually unchanged. That alone should speak volumes of an air beds greatness.

Although seen as air beds, they do also offer great health benefits. With having the ability to adjust the firmness of an air bed, it is able to cater for your specific needs. Air beds have been known to relieve back pain. They also help protect bedridden people from pressure sores.

With that being said, let's jump into this article.

Air bed size

Since the invention in 1889, air beds have been produced in many different sizes. You can purchase them in:

· Twin size

· Twin XL size

· Full size

· Queen size

· King size

· California King size

Each size caters for a different need that you may have.

Are air mattress dimensions the same as regular mattress dimensions?

Air bed manufacturers typically follow the same standard sizing rules as regular mattresses. Although, sizes can vary. Manufacturers are not as strict with sizes due to its casualness of air beds. Size can also vary depending on how much it is inflated. For example, less inflation could feel a lot more cramped due to sinking. Selecting the right size air bed will definitely impact your level of satisfaction.

Twin-Size Air Mattress

Twin air mattresses might be the solution for outdoor enthusiasts with limited space. These air beds are just 75 inches long and 35 inches in size. They are perfect for use in tents, RVs, and small rooms.

However, twin air mattresses may only accommodate one person at a time. Because of their low profile, they are frequently used as beds for just one person.

Twin mattresses are available in a range of heights. The lower models range from 7inches to 10inches. Higher models may exceed 25 inches.

Our Top Pick Twin Air Mattress

You might think that all twin air mattresses are the same, but that is not true. Lower end twin mattresses may be a lot closer to the ground compared to higher end ones. The type of material used also plays an important role.

When purchasing a twin air mattress, you want to check the workmanship and materials used.

The CHILLSUN Twin Air Mattress is our top pick when it comes to twin air mattresses. This twin air mattress features:

  • a built - in pump,
  • comfortable top surface and
  • has a self-inflation time of only 3 minutes.

It has a double layer construction and uses puncture resistant materials. The top features a silky microfiber with a quilted design. This provides a luxurious look and comfort when you’re lying on it. Because of the built-in pump, you don't need to worry midway about whether you packed the pump or not. With 3 minutes to inflate and 4 minutes to deflate, it’s a real time saver.

The CHILLSUN Twin Air Mattress supports up to 550lbs.

Twin XL Size Air Mattress

Twin XL air mattresses are the same length as a Queen or King size but varies with the width. On the other hand, the Twin XL is the same width as a Twin size mattress. The difference comes with the length. Twin XL air mattresses are more accommodating for taller people. They offer an additional 5 inches of leg space. Which takes this bed to a whopping 80 inches long. But, just like the Twin size, the Twin XL is ideally for a single person and not a couple.

Our Top Pick Twin XL Air Mattress

If you’re choosing the XL over the standard Twin size, then it’s safe to say your needs are different. Given the fact that you are too tall for the standard size. You could also weigh more than someone that is not as tall as you. The SoundAsleep Dream Series comes with ComfortCoil technology. It also has an internal high capacity pump.

ComfortCoil technology is designed with internal air coils to ensure durability and support. This leading technology allows the bed to stay flat and firm while you sleep.

Full-Size Air Mattress Dimensions

Typically, a full-size double-tall air mattress is 75 inches long, 54 inches wide, and 17 inches high. The full-size is also referred to as a "double", since it can fit two people. They are also available in two variations.

· A Single-tall full-size air mattress and,

· A Double-tall full-size air mattress.

The dimensions of a single-tall full-size air mattress are 75 inches long x 54 inches wide and 10 inches high. (L x W x H). Whereas, the double-tall full-size mattress is 75 inches x 54 inches x 17 inches. Compared to the thicker variant, this thinner one is more suited to being used for camping in a car or truck. This size is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Our Top Pick Full Air Mattress

Once again, we will be going with the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress for this one. The SoundAsleep Dream series is rated 4.5 stars with over 48 000 reviews. If that’s not convincing enough, then maybe this will be. It comes with a 1-year warranty. ComfortCoil technology is standard for all their air beds. A really cool feature is that the side walls are slightly raised. It’s a subtle lift which doesn’t make you feel like you’re sleeping in a box. But it also makes you feel like you won’t roll off.

Queen-Size Air Mattress

The normal dimensions for a Queen-size air mattress are 80 inches x 60 inches (L x W). This size air mattress is able to comfortably accommodate two people. It is perfect for indoor use. Especially when you have visitors spending the weekend. Like the full size, this also comes in 2 variations, such as:

· A single-tall Queen which has a height of 10 inches and,

· A double-tall Queen that has a height of 18 inches.

It will be a good option to use while camping if you are utilizing a big tent. For vehicle or truck camping, a double-tall queen-size air mattress will not work.

Our Top Pick Queen Air Mattress

The EnerPlex Air Mattress is our top pick for Queen Air Mattresses. With over 41 000 reviews. The EnerPlex Air Mattress has a 4.8-star rating for a reason. This air bed comes with a 2-year warranty. It offers an extremely powerful built-in pump that has the ability to adapt and be used in a car outlet. Which means it is great for camping. Built from puncture resistant PVC, you can definitely feel comfortable.

taking it camping. The premium top flock also prevents leaking and acts as a non-slip.

King-Size Air Mattress

You can expect deluxe-level comfort with King-size air mattresses. These beds have an increased width of 16 inches compared to a Queen-size air mattress.

Ordinarily, the King size air mattress is 80 inches long and 70 inches wide. The variations start with the height of the air bed. They vary anywhere between 7 inches and 25 inches. The height will be selected on the look you are going for. Do you want it to look like an ordinary bed in the room for guests? Also, take into consideration the downward weight when selecting the height.

The problem with this size air mattress is you won’t just find it in stores. Thankfully, we have online shopping to fix that.

How many people can sleep on a king size bed?

A king size bed can accommodate two adults with sleeping partners. Kids or pets count as sleeping partners and are able to do so without feeling cramped.

If you're an active sleeper, this mattress offers 76 inches of sleeping space for one person.

38 inches of sleeping area is available should the king size bed be shared by two people. Two twin mattresses put together equal the size of a king size bed.

Our Top Pick King Air Mattress

The EnerPlex Air Mattress is the one you are going to want to go for. The EnerPlex air mattress is made of puncture-resistant PVC. It has superior comfort top flocking to stop leaks while providing non-slip stability. The inflation and deflation time is impeccable. It is excellent for indoor and outdoor use. Air mattresses are also great to be used in pools where there is an ample amount of space.

California King-Size Air Mattress Dimensions

Standard California king air mattresses measures 84 inches in length. And a width of 72 inches. It varies in height from 10 to 25 inches. This size can fit inside a large tent for camping. However, it is too large to be used for car or truck camping.

Our Top Pick California King Air Mattress

In the California King Air Mattress range, then the King Koil is going to be the one you want. King Koil offers a 1-year warranty on its air beds. They come fully flocked for your comfort. It is built with a relatively thick waterproof comfort quilt top. The comfort quilt comes with additional support for the spine. It also has a built-in pillow. King Koil has a coil-beam construction and comes with a built-in 120-volt AC pump. It is also safe indoors and outdoors.

How to Choose the Best Air Mattress Size for A Guest Room

The following steps will help guide you when choosing the best air mattress size for a guest room.

Step 1: How Many Guests Are You Expecting in Your Guest Room?

Take into consideration the number of guests you are expecting. Where they will be comfortable sleeping. And for how long they will be staying before making any purchase.

Step 2: Will Guests Sleep on the Same Bed?

Will all your guests sleep in the same bed or would couples be paired together as well as siblings? If guests will not be sharing a bed, then you will need to consider a smaller size. That will allow for multiple smaller air beds to fit in your guest room.

Step 3: Choose an Air Mattress Size That Fits.

Always take measurements of your room. By taking measurements, you are able to envision the space the air bed will take up and the remaining space.

Is It Okay To Sleep On An Air Mattress Every Night?

Yes, although it is seen as part of your camping equipment or a bed for guests. Higher quality air mattresses allow for every

night sleeping. They prove to be comfortable, suitable for small spaces and cost-efficient.

Is An Air Mattress Good For Back Pain?

Yes. Unlike traditional mattresses, air beds provide a level, solid surface. Those factors aid in maintaining a straight back and neck. A level surface is best for sleeping since it encourages good posture and reduces back pain. To provide the right level of comfort and support, you may adjust the bed's firmness as needed.

Is it OK to leave air mattress inflated?

Yes, it is. Your air mattress' seams take on too much stress if you often inflate and deflate it. There is no need to blow up and deflate the mattress every day. Keep it inflated for the duration of the guest's stay. And should it deflate slightly during that period, just top it up to ensure a good night’s rest.

How to Choose the Optimal Size Air Mattress for Camping?

Your night's sleep will likely be much more comfortable with an inflatable mattress. Sleeping on air mattresses is incredibly convenient. They are far superior to sleeping on the floor or any other rough surface.

Make sure that the width and length of the air mattress are 1-2 inches shorter than the width and length of the tent. That will help you when selecting the ideal air mattress size for camping. Single-tall air mattresses will have greater headroom than double-tall air mattresses. It is advisable to rather go for single-tall air mattresses when camping.

What size air mattress fits in a 4 person tent?

The 4 person tents are large enough to include two twin size air mattresses. The tent's center will have a small area of floor space for bending over or walking. Couples going camping might choose two twin beds over one queen. This is so that the other person isn't disturbed when one of them moves throughout the night. There is also more sleeping room per person with two twin beds.

Camping with an Air Mattress in a Coleman Skydome Camping Tent

The Coleman Skydome Camping Tent's dimensions are 84 by 60 inches and has a central height of 48 inches. In this tent, a Queen size air bed that comfortably sleeps two people fits nicely. It covers the entire floor of the Coleman Skydome Tent. The tent is also tall enough in the center, which is able to accommodate a single tall or double tall mattress.

Camping with an Air Mattress in a Coleman Sundome Tent

The Coleman Sundome tent is big enough to fit any size air bed thanks to its 10 x 10 foot size. This tent is an excellent option for a group of friends or family that wish to share a tent. It can accommodate two Queen size air beds at once.

The tent has a complete center height of six feet. It provides enough height for single-tall or double-tall air mattresses. It is also able to fit a raised air bed.

Car Camping with an Air Mattress

One of the most intriguing activities to do is car camping. To enjoy a convenient and pleasant night camping in your car, you need to select the right air mattress.

For an SUV, you will need to measure the back once the seats are dropped. Select a single-tall mattress so the height will not be a problem.

For a car, you will need to choose an air mattress made exclusively for the rear seat of the sedan. The space available here is far less than that of an SUV.

Truck Camping with an Air Mattress

Camping in a truck is really simple. All you have to do is measure the back where the air bed is going to go and then purchase one not larger than that space.

Camping in The Ram 1500 Express

The sleeping area's floor is 50 inches wide in the Ram 1500 Express. A twin-sized mattress may be used in the back of this vehicle. Should you need a bigger air mattress, a single tall full-size air mattress will also fit easily as well.

Camping in The 2021 Chevrolet Colorado with Extended Cab

In the 2021 Chevrolet Colorado, the sleeping surface is 62 inches in width. With that being said, a queen-size air mattress will fit just fine. When purchasing, make sure you purchase a single-tall one so it fits the truck's height.

What Are the Dimensions of an Air Mattress During Storage?

When an airbed is packed and deflated, its size is significantly decreased. When traveling, pick an air bed that will fit into the available storage space and luggage space. Deflated air mattresses range from 3.4 to 20 inches in length, 7 to 9 inches in width and 7 to 17 inches in height.

How Long Can An Air Mattress Last?

When properly maintained, air beds can last for two to eight years. To prevent punctures, keep the air mattress in a cool, dry area that is free of sharp items. When an air bed isn't in use, thoroughly deflate it and put it in a carry bag to extend its lifespan.

You should never overinflate an air bed. You should also avoid sitting on the edge of an inflated air bed to prevent seams from tearing and bulging.

How Can I Make My Air Mattress As Comfortable As Possible?

Air mattresses tend to get colder at night due to the material they are made of.

You should always put a sheet down to prevent the cold creeping up onto you.

You should always ensure the air mattress is inflated enough.

Spread out your bed covers and sheets to ensure you are sleeping on a smooth surface.

Use proper pillows and, if you can, try to place them against a wall for added support.

How thick should an air mattress be?

When it comes to the thickness of an air mattress, it definitely varies with preference. Air mattresses range anywhere from 8 inches and up. It will depend on your use for it and if you prefer being lower down or higher up. Body weight will also impact your decision.

What is the difference between air bed and air mattress? An air bed and an air mattress are the same. Some just prefer to call it an air bed or an air mattress out of habit.

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