Beyond Bed Risers: Innovative Ways to Raise Your Bed and Improve Comfort

The significance of bed height appears to be overlooked by many individuals. The height of your bed is related to your comfort. It also makes it easier for you to get in and out of bed. It also impacts the appearance of your room. Storage space is available under a raised bed.

Bed risers will only add 6 inches to your height. Anything more than that may pose a safety risk due to the bed's tendency to sway. Bed risers can also be expensive. In this article, we will discuss “5 bed riser alternatives & how to raise a bed with them.”

How to Raise a Bed with Bed Risers

Raising a bed with bed risers is a great way to make your bed higher and more comfort to you. Bed risers are small pieces of furniture that can be placed under the legs of a bed. This raises it off the ground and gives it more height.

Determine How Much Height You Want To Add To Your Bed

Measure the height of your bed frame and decide how much higher you want to raise it. This will help you determine how many bed risers you need and what size to get.

Choose The Right Set Of Bed Risers To Raise Your Bed Height

Purchase the appropriate bed risers for your mattress. Choose the material you like plastic, wood, or steel. Make sure to get the correct size for your bed frame, as well as the weight capacity of the bed risers.

Elevate One Corner Of Your Bed Frame

Elevate a bed leg and place it so that it faces the bed riser's hole. Verify that the leg diameter of the bed risers matches the leg diameter.

Insert The Leg Into The Riser

The leg should be lowered until it can easily fit into the gap and tighten.

Do The Same For All The Remaining Legs

After you have this for one leg, repeat the procedure for the remaining legs. Follow the same instructions, and you will be set.


Bed risers must fit properly, so before installing them, measure both the bed and the risers. You will also need to make sure that the bed risers are securely attached to the bed. There should be no gaps between the bed and the bed risers.

It is also important to make sure that the bed risers are evenly spaced so that the bed does not become unstable.

List Of Different Bed Riser Alternatives

There are alternative, non-traditional methods to elevate a bed frame. These bed riser solutions may be used to elevate a bed as well as to add practical storage space.

Alternative 1: Cinder Blocks

Cinder blocks must be used in increments of at least ten to raise your bed. You will have extra clearance room under the bed if you stack additional blocks on top of one another.

Alternative 2: Lofting Kit

A lofting kit may be used to make your bed taller and give your room additional floor space. The majority of lofting kits include a ladder, safety rail, additional legs, and pegs. After the bed has been raised, furnishings may be placed there.

Alternative 3: Bookshelves Or Dressers

Bookshelves and dressers can be great alternatives when it comes to raising a bed. They can easily be stacked to create the desired height. These types of furniture also increase storage space.

Alternative 4: Chains

Your bed may be raised off the floor by a few inches by being chained to the ceiling. This way of suspending a bed will allow you to save a lot of floor space.

Alternative 5: Wooden Pallets

A stable and consistent bed base can be created using wooden pallets. They are a terrific option for adding a few inches of bed height and will update the appearance of your bedroom. Check out this wooden pallet base which is durable.

How To Make Bed risers Look Better

Bed risers can be made to look much better with a few simple steps. The steps you can follow are:

  • You can paint or stain the wood to match your bedroom's decor
  • You can add decorative trim or molding to the bed risers to give them a more polished look
  • You can add caster wheels to the bed risers to make them easier to move around
  • Use a bed sheet that reaches the floor to entirely conceal the bed risers if you choose

Make A Custom Platform Out Of Plywood Or Bunkie Board

Building a custom platform out of plywood or bunkie board is an easy way to raise the height of a bed. You won’t have to buy an expensive bed raiser. Plywood and bunkie board are both lightweight and easy to cut. This makes them ideal materials to use for the platform.

Adjustable Bed Risers

Adjustable bed risers are easy to install and can be adjusted to fit any type of bed frame. If you need to move your bed to a different room or floor, adjustable bed risers make it easy to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is a Bed Wedge? Is It Similar to a Bed Riser?

A bed wedge serves as a specialized type of bed riser that goes beyond mere elevation. It is specifically designed to enhance sleeping comfort and support by altering the incline of the bed surface. This adjustable angle can have various benefits, such as aiding with acid reflux, and snoring, and improving overall circulation. While bed risers commonly raise the bed's height, a bed wedge focuses on adjusting the positioning for specific health or comfort reasons. Thus, a bed wedge can be seen as a distinct variation of a bed riser, serving a unique purpose in enhancing sleep quality.

What Is the Optimal Bed Height?

The consensus among experts suggests an optimal bed height ranging between 20 to 23 inches. This range takes into consideration factors such as ease of getting in and out of bed, overall comfort, and alignment with the room's aesthetics. However, personal preferences play a crucial role in determining the best bed height for an individual. Some might prefer a slightly lower height for convenience, while others might opt for a higher bed to match their comfort level. Adjusting the bed height to suit one's preference ensures a personalized and comfortable sleep environment.

Can Bed Risers Cause Damage to the Bed?

Bed risers are generally considered safer than a bed's original legs due to their wider and sturdier foundation. The expanded base provides better stability and load distribution. However, like any accessory, bed risers should be used correctly to prevent mishaps. When installed and utilized improperly, they can potentially cause damage to both the bed frame and the floor. Ensuring that the bed risers are securely placed and adequately support the bed's weight is essential to prevent any negative outcomes. Responsible and careful usage of bed risers is vital to avoid any potential damage or accidents.

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