Best Car Mattress | Get a Bed for Truck, Car & SUV Camping

Comfort may be your main priority if you're thinking about cheap travel options like:

  • Truck camping
  • SUV camping
  • Van camping

Additionally, picking the best car mattress can make or break your trip. Let's check out the best 3 types.

Sleeping Pad

When utilized as a:

  • Truck bed mattress
  • SUV mattress
  • Campervan mattress

A straightforward high-density foam sleeping pad can be an affordable and long-lasting solution.


  • They are fully customizable
  • They are inexpensive
  • They are fairly small when rolled up


  • Not very comfortable
  • Air Mattress

Air Mattress

Some individuals say that an air mattress is the coziest and the most portable option. But why is that? Let's find out.


  • Easily stored when deflated
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use


  • Do not fit when inflated in all vehicles
  • The material gets cold at night
  • Need to put something down to prevent holes
  • Less durable than foam
  • Not customizable

Memory Foam

Your camping experience will be radically transformed by a memory foam mattress! Although they can be heavy and take up a lot more room, the sacrifice is completely worthwhile! Let's see why.


  • Keeps you warm at night
  • Incomparable comfort
  • Customizable


  • Uses a large amount of space
  • Picks up dirt easily
  • Difficult to clean

What To Look For In Car Camping Mattress

There is no correct way to go about camping, which is its best feature. In the end, it comes down to personal opinions. However, these are some of the things to take into account while choosing a mattress for your car.


If you're camping with a friend, there are two-person car camping mattresses available. Just ensure the mattress will fit in your vehicle's trunk or truck bed. Certain camping mattresses can be squeezed in a little bit. But as you know, the old saying goes, "measure twice, purchase once" still holds true.


A restful night's sleep can be made or broken by the material you choose. You can choose between a foam mattress, an air mattress that inflates, or a combination of the two. Finding a high-quality mattress and proper insulation are both essential. An excellent R-value mattress is what you want to seek. The building industry uses the term "R-value" to define a material's thermal resistance. Heat transfer resistance is described by the R-value. The material is better at insulating with a greater R-value.

Things To Consider

Spend The Night Facing The Front Of The Vehicle

Although flat lands are desired, they are rarely accessible in rural locations. Make sure to position the vehicle so that your head is higher than your feet if you are at an angle. Most automobiles have fender wells at the back that eat up valuable space. Thus, sleeping at the front of the car will also generally provide you with extra elbow room.

Be Equipped With The Necessities

Outdoor excursions may call for an early start. Looking for a quick and adaptable substitute for tent camping? Especially if there isn't enough room for tents? Spend the night in your car close to a trailhead! A little extra protection from the weather might be provided by sleeping in your vehicle.

Be Aware Of The Permits You Require And Park Away From Traffic

Where to park is the first thing every car sleeper has to know. You can use applications to research lawful, unbothered places to stay. They provide a selection of paid and free places to put up for the night. The majority of U.S. Forest Service roads allow for parking permits and camping. Keep in mind:

  • Abide by any temporary or local exceptions
  • Display any necessary passes
  • Don't obstruct traffic

Some Pointers And Tricks

Spend Money On A Comfortable Bed

The fact that you are not hauling your bed on your back is one of the finest aspects of sleeping in your car. You can therefore spend more money on thicker, cozier mats, pillows, and blankets. You have the option of bringing a full-size pillow or a small camping pillow. Remember to carry a temperature-rated sleeping bag. Or an insulated blanket because cars can get just as chilly at night as tents can. Not sure whether a pad or sleeping bag will suit your needs while car camping?

Ideally, Keep Food In A Cooler When Camping

When automobile camping, all it takes to get hungry is some time spent outside. You may choose which food to carry on your expedition by using our camp kitchen checklist. Plan to keep all of your food locked away in your car while car camping. Whether you're making a nighttime trip to the bathroom or just curling up in your sleeping bag.

To avoid consumables like:

  • Meat
  • Cheese
  • Eggs
  • Milk

from rotting, think about bringing a cooler. Before adding any food, you may also pre-chill your cooler by filling it with ice or ice blocks.

Charge All Of Your Devices

On the road, charging electronics might be difficult. While the car is running, you can plug in devices, but not overnight. Keep your battery-powered devices functional for the duration of your trip. You can do so by investing in a solar panel on the dashboard or a portable power source like a power bank.

Crack A Window To Let In Fresh Air

All night, breathing in a car will cause the windows to fog and cause moisture to gather. Ventilation is important. Just enough space should be left open in your windows or sunroof to allow air in. Cut a piece of inexpensive to cover the openings. This will prevent bugs from entering the area. Before going to bed at night, make every effort to dry wet clothes. Keep a sponge in your car as a backup plan to clean the windshield when you wake up.

Other Tips And Tricks

Bring A Flashlight, Or Use Lanterns

Just because you're settled down for the evening doesn't mean you're all set to go to sleep. To brighten your cabin, hang lanterns or headlamps from the car handles. There may be further justifications for carrying a headlamp while driving. It can also help light up the path should you take a walk.

Create A DIY Shower

After a strenuous bike ride or walk, it feels wonderful to take a warm shower. Create your own camp shower to bring that sensation with you when traveling. Check out some DIY shower videos online!


What Is A Roof Tent?

A roof tent, sometimes known as a rooftop tent, is an item that may be attached to the roof or bed of a motor vehicle. It enables the users to sleep above the car. You will be safe and comfortable while freeing up the interior load space.

How Cold Is Too Cold To Sleep In My Car?

It is not advisable to attempt to sleep in temperatures below -30 degrees. An automobile with a tent inside is warmer than both a car and a tent. A candle is a great method to find comfort, but it is useless for heating a car.

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