Choosing the Right Box Spring

Box springs are the base of your mattress. They prolong its life, absorb stress, protect it from dust and bugs, and improve sleep. There is a wide variety of sizes and materials to choose from when purchasing a box spring. This post will go over how to pick the right box springs, as well as determine the optimal height for box springs.

How to Choose the Right Box Spring

Choosing the right box spring is essential to a good night's sleep. Box springs help provide structural support, reduce mattress wear, and provide comfort. Here are five tips to help you choose the right box spring:

1. Choose Your Box Spring Height Based On Where You Place Your Mattress (On A Tall Frame, On The Floor, Etc.)

When purchasing a box spring, you should consider the height of the bed frame. If your mattress is on a tall frame, you will want a taller box spring to provide adequate support. A lower box spring will be suitable if you place your mattress on the floor. To achieve the greatest sleep, consider these factors when choosing a box spring.

2. Determine If You Need To Match the Height of the Bed to a Bedside Table or Other Furniture

When selecting the proper box spring for your bed, consider the bed's height too. Find a box spring that matches the bed's height if you have a bedside table or other furnishings. Measure the height of the bed frame and the height of the furniture and compare them to find a box spring that will match.

3. Determine If You Need To Choose the Height of the Box Spring Based On Your Bed's Headboard

If your headboard is low, choose a box spring with a lower profile. This will create a more aesthetically pleasing look. If your headboard is tall, pick a higher-profile box spring to fit the area. Before you buy a headboard, make sure to measure the height of your bed. This will help you get the right size.

4. The Height Of The Box Spring May Depend On The User's Age.

The user's age often determines the height of the box spring. A lower-profile box spring is suitable for children and people who are shorter in stature. Additionally, a higher profile may be ideal for taller people. If you're unsure, ask a mattress specialist to test out a few box spring heights.

5. Your Box Spring Height Depends On Your Medical Conditions (Bad Back, Arthritis, Etc.)

Medical problems should be considered while purchasing a box spring. If you have back pain or arthritis, get a higher box spring for more support. Consider a box spring with a shock absorber for motion reduction and support. If you're still confused, ask a doctor or mattress expert about the right box spring.

Types of Box Springs: Clearing Up the Coil Confusion

There are three primary kinds of box springs: coil, zero-deflection, and split.

  • Coil Box Springs

Coil box springs are made up of steel coils connected to form a mattress foundation. This box spring offers good support, is relatively inexpensive, and is easy to move.

  • Zero-Deflection Box Springs

These box springs are made of steel rods in a lattice pattern and offer support without flex. These are more costly than a coil box spring but provide better support for heavier sleepers.

  • Split Box Springs

Split box springs fit split-frame beds and are two distinct box springs joined in the center. It costs more than a typical box spring but provides better support and stability.

How to Select a Box Spring / How to Choose the Best Box Spring Mattress

Measure Your Mattress

Selecting the right box spring is essential in ensuring you get the best possible sleep. The first step is to measure your mattress. The right box spring depends on your mattress's size and thickness. Some box springs suit conventional mattresses, while others fit specialty mattresses. Some mattresses need a small box spring, while others need a thick one. Once you know the size and thickness of your mattress, you can begin shopping for the right box spring.

Plan for Your Desired Bed Height

Consider the total height you want your bed to be and plan accordingly. A traditional box spring and mattress combination is usually between 10-14 inches tall. If you want something taller, you will need to look into extra-tall box spring options that are up to 16 inches tall.

Choose Between a Split Box Spring or a Standard Box Spring

When choosing between a split box spring and a standard box spring, there are a few things to consider. A split box spring may hold a bigger mattress and make it simpler to move about your bedroom. Additionally, a standard box spring may be cheaper and more durable if you have a smaller mattress. Ultimately, the best option for you will depend on your mattress size and budget.

Pick One That Fits Your Bed Frame

The first step to selecting a box spring is ensuring the box spring size is compatible with your bed frame. Measure the width and length of your bed frame, and take note of the measurements. You can then use these measurements to pick a box spring that will fit within your frame.

Select Materials That Suit Your Lifestyle

When picking a box spring, choose materials that complement your lifestyle. Consider the type of box spring that will best suit your needs. Are you looking for a lightweight option or something more durable? Do you prefer a metal frame or a wooden one?

Also, consider the box spring size and ensure it will fit in your bedroom. Once you've narrowed down your options, think about the type of mattress you'll use with the box spring. Will a foam mattress work better than a coil mattress? With the right materials and research, you'll find the perfect box spring for your home.

Don't Overlook the Included Box Spring

When shopping for a new mattress, it is essential to consider the box spring that comes with it. A box spring is essential as it helps support the mattress and distribute weight. Before purchasing a new mattress, consider the type of box spring included.

Box Spring vs. Foundation

The box spring is the traditional option and the most commonly used. It comprises a wooden frame with coils or springs designed to absorb shock and offer support. Box springs can come at various heights and come in two pieces for easier maneuvering.

Foundations are similar to box springs but often composed of wood or metal and lack springs. They are usually cheaper than box springs and can provide the same amount of support. The height of a foundation is usually lower than a box spring, which can make getting into bed easier.

These tips will help you pick the perfect box spring for your mattress and ensure it fits. With the right box spring, your mattress will have the right support and can help you sleep better. Happy shopping!

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