How safe are bed risers?

Bed risers are a support that is used to raise a bed. Bed risers can raise beds to achieve desirable positions or to make more space underneath. It may also be movable or stackable to achieve different heights. Bed risers are very accessible, economical, and simple to install.

You'll have more space to keep things under your bed if you use bed risers. Some people also prefer to sleep on an elevated bed and bed risers are a budget-friendly solution for them. Today we will explain in detail the topic, “How safe are bed risers?”

Are Bed Risers Safe To Use?

Bed risers are made of metal, plastic, or wood structures. Bed risers are very safe to use if the following conditions are followed:

Installing The Bed Riser Properly

The proper installation is very much important for the safe use of bed risers. The base will become unstable if the bed riser is improperly installed. For example, if the bed riser has nuts, it should be tightened. If not, they can come off and cause an accident.

At the time of installing bed risers, two individuals are preferable. The bed will be raised by one of them, and the riser will be installed by the other. However, if you can't find someone to assist you, you can lift the bed frame with a carjack.

If you don’t have the proper knowledge or tools to install a bed riser, you should not install it. In that case, you should call a professional installer or call someone who knows how to install a bed properly.

Even Floor

You will have difficulty placing bed risers on a rough or uneven surface. This is because it won't stand straight or offer sturdy support. As a result, when you lie down, your bed frame may tilt and move around a lot.

So, if you are planning to install a bed riser, you should make sure you have a smooth and even surface. Otherwise, your bed riser will be unsafe to use.

Refrain From Putting Extra Weight On The Bed Riser Than It Can Hold

It is very important for the safe use of bed risers that you should stop putting extra weight on them. Each riser can support a certain amount of weight. It won't be stable and may even collapse if you overburden it.

A riser's ability to support weight is dependent on two factors, which include,

  • The material which it is made of
  • How the bed frame is affixed to it

Metal risers would be more durable than wooden or plastic bed risers. The load-carrying ability of the full set of risers is typically listed by the manufacturer.

It's important to keep in mind that a riser will support more than just the bed frame. It will also hold the weight of the mattress, bed, and any person sleeping on it.

Don’t Purchase Larger Bed Risers Than Your Bed’s Legs

Your bed's foot will not adjust properly if the bed riser is too wide. As a result, as you sleep, the bed's legs will remain free and can move. This will make it dangerous to use. You will also feel discomfort while using it if it moves while you sleep. 

Therefore, when buying risers, be sure to measure the size of the bed's legs. They will fit perfectly as a result.   So, it can be said that bed risers are very safe to use if the above-mentioned conditions are followed. You can buy this bed riser which will add 5.25- inches of height to the bed. It is very easy to install, safe and durable too.

How Safe Are Bed Risers For A Lighter Bed? 

Bed risers are safe to use for a lighter bed. Bed risers are even safer on a lighter bed compared to a heavier bed as a lighter bed puts less weight on a bed riser.

Is It Safe To Put An Adjustable Bed On A Riser

It is completely safe to put an adjustable bed on a riser. However, if the legs of the adjustable beds are too slim, it may put too much pressure on the plastic or wood bed risers. 

That’s why in a thin-leg bed riser, it is highly recommended to use a metal bed riser for added safety. However, if the bed legs are thicker, then a plastic bed riser is also safe to use.

Is It Safe To Put Bed Risers On A Loft Bed?

A loft bed is a bed elevated, like on supports, high enough to allow the ground area below to be used for different purposes. Loft beds can be used in places like dining rooms. For instance, a sofa set can be set up under a loft bed.

As loft beds are high, it is possible that while walking someone may accidentally hit the legs of loft beds. In that case, if plastic bed risers are used in loft beds, they can slip.

If you want to use bed risers for loft beds, you should use a metal bed riser. Metal bed risers will prevent it from slipping in case of anyone hits a bed leg accidentally.  

In a nutshell, it is completely safe to use bed risers on a loft bed. However, for added safety to prevent sliding the loft bed, it is better to use a metal bed riser

Are Plastic Bed Risers Safe?

We know, bed risers are generally made of wood, plastic, or metal. Among these three things that bed risers are made of, plastic is the most famous among consumers. Various reasons add to the popularity of plastic bed risers, which include,

  • Plastic bed risers are cheap compared to metal bed risers
  • It is lightweight and can easily be moved from one place to another
  • It is durable and long-lasting 

Another thing that added to the popularity of plastic bed risers is their availability of different shapes, sizes, and designs. This availability gives consumers a wide range of choices to choose plastic bed risers of different shapes, sizes, and designs. 

So, we understand the reason behind the popularity of plastic bed risers. But the big question arises, “Are plastic bed risers safe to use? Is there any chance of an accident if I use plastic bed risers?”

Like other bed risers. Plastic bed risers are completely safe to use if proper methods are followed. However, while using a plastic bed riser, consumers have to keep two things in his mind. 

While buying a plastic bed riser, you should ask the buyer what type of plastic is used in the construction of the plastic bed riser. Sometimes, low-quality plastic is used in the construction of plastic bed risers. This makes it unsafe to use. 

For example, the seller of this bed riser has clearly stated that they are using black plastic resin which is durable. However, not all sellers describe what type of plastic they used. You should make sure of the quality of plastic used before buying a bed riser. 

Another thing you should remember while using a plastic bed riser is that it is not the same as a metal bed riser. Generally, a plastic bed riser has less weight-taking capability than a metal bed riser. So consumers should know the weight-taking capacity of plastic bed risers.   In a nutshell, generally, plastic bed risers are very safe to use. However, while buying consumers should check what type of plastic it is made of and its weight-taking capacity.

How To Make Plastic Bed Risers More Safe? 

Plastic bed risers are very safe to use. However, some people want to en assured of more safety while using a plastic bed riser. To increase the safety of bed risers, they can do the following things:

Putting Less Pressure On Plastic Bed Risers

Putting less pressure will increase the safety of plastic bed risers. If your bed leg is thicker, there will put less force on the riser, which will reduce the possibility of accidents. So, you should use thicker bed legs to put less force on the plastic bed risers.

Don’t Keep Plastic Bed Risers On Carpet Or An Uneven Floor

Plastic bed risers are very lightweight compared to metal bed risers. For instance, the weight of this plastic bed riser is only one pound. As plastic bed risers are very lightweight, they can slip if kept on an uneven floor or a carpet. So, to increase the safety of plastic bed risers, don’t keep the plastic bed riser on an uneven floor or a carpet.

Are Plastic Bed Risers Safe Wheels?

Some plastic bed risers have wheels added to them. Using these wheels, you can easily move your bed from one place to another. 

Bed risers with wheels are completely safe to use. The wheels have to bear the complete load of the bed. So consumers will have to be extra cautious about not overloading it. 

This bed riser with a wheel can support a load of more than 2000 lbs. It is made of heavy-duty plastic and it has a shock-absorbing pad that reduces the noise too. 

Another great thing about this wheel bed riser is its height flexibility. Starting at 3 inches, you can extend its height to 8 inches according to your needs. You can also use this bed riser for the following things:

  • Sofas
  • Cabinets
  • Tables

How Safe Are Mainstays Bed Risers?

Mainstay bed risers are completely safe to use if these conditions are followed:

  • Installing it properly
  • Kept it on an even floor
  • Buying mainstays bed risers that adjust with the bed’s legs properly
  • Putting weight on it as much as it can hold

You can check this mainstay bed riser for your bed. The weight-taking capacity of this bed riser is 300 lbs. It will raise your bed to 5.25 inches. It is made of composite plastic polymer which makes it durable and safe to use. Just make sure you don’t overweight this bed riser while using it. 

Metal Bed Risers: Their Speciality And Are They Safe To Use?

Metal bed risers are the most durable bed risers. Not all plastic bed risers can be used on beds, desks, etc due to their limited weight-taking capacity. But metal bed risers can be easily used on beds, desks, sofas, and more such things.

Metals like Aluminium or steel are used in the construction of metal bed risers. Due to the sturdy construction of the metal bed risers, their weight-taking capacity is much higher compared to a plastic bed riser. 

So, if you have children who jump in the bed, you should choose a metal bed riser. Metal bed riser is costly compared to plastic bed riser. This metal bed riser costs $42 which is a much higher price than this plastic bed riser

The weight of the metal bed riser is much higher compared to the plastic bed riser. But the weight of the bed riser shouldn’t make you worry. Moreover, the extra weight of metal bed risers will prevent them from sliding or rolling on the floor. 

The metal bed riser is long-lasting and durable. So, if you like long-lasting and durable products, a metal bed riser is an ideal choice for you. Due to their price, very few people nowadays use metal bed risers compared to the use of plastic bed risers. 

Metal bed risers are premium quality products. Using a metal bed riser will give your furniture a charming and cool look. It is also great for the interior design of the house.  Metal bed risers ensure the highest quality of safety due to their sturdy construction. For example, this metal bed riser is made from aircraft aluminum so it will not bend or break. The metal bed riser is costlier compared to other bed risers, but it’s worth it. 

Safe Bed Risers For Carpet

Sometimes, the bed riser may be on the carpet. In this situation, how safe it is to keep the bed riser on the carpet? Is there any chance of an accident? 

Plastic bed risers should not be kept on the carpet. It is not safe as the plastic bed riser may slide on the carpet, which may cause an accident. So, you should not use plastic bed risers on a carpet.

A metal bed riser can be kept on the carpet. Metal bed riser is made of heavy metal which doesn’t easily roll or slide. So, if you were to put a bed riser on a carpet, choose a metal bed riser to prevent any kind of accident. 

Safely Using Bed Risers To Transform Standing Desks

Do You know that you can use bed risers to transform your desk into a standing desk and save money? Sounds cool, isn’t it? Just follow the following 2 simple steps to transform your desk into a standing desk:

  • First, find out the appropriate height from the ground to the elbow
  • Then, insert the legs of the desk into the bed riser

Thus you can easily transform your desk into a standing desk. You can check this plastic bed riser than can add 3,5 or 8 inches of height to your furniture. 

So, you don’t need to buy a standing desk anymore. You can create your standing desk just by spending a few dollars on bed risers.  To sum up, bed risers are completely safe to use as long as it is properly installed and is not overloaded.

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