Sleep Like Royalty: Everything You Need to Know About King Size Bed Dimensions

King Size Bed Dimensions

A king size bed typically measures 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. It is one of the largest sizes available from many companies. But now, a king size bed is usually the most expensive mattress size.

Since King size beds are fairly typical, it is simple to find:

  1. Bed sheets
  2. Mattress toppers
  3. Protectors that fit

King-size beds are available from the majority of bedding and mattress manufacturers.

California King Size Bed Dimensions

A California King size mattress is 4 inches narrower and 4 inches longer than a king-size bed. It measures 72 inches wide by 84 inches long. California King size beds aren’t as difficult to find. However, not all businesses provide this size, which limits your options. California King size bed frames and accessories might be more difficult to find. They also cost a little more. Considering the two mattresses, there isn't a significant price increase to worry about. This is because California King size beds cost the same as a King size bed.

A king-size bed is wider than a California king, but the former is longer than a king-size mattress. A king-size mattress has more surface area overall than a California king-size bed. A California king-size bed and a king-size mattress are both similarly priced. The main distinction is that California king-size beds are made for people who are rather tall. You’re looking at 6 feet or taller.

Split King Size Dimensions

The combined dimensions of the Twin XL mattresses equal those of a king-size bed. But keep in mind to consider a few factors. Two Twin XL mattresses from different manufacturers might not have the same depth. A few producers will also design unique features for Split King mattresses. When purchasing two Twin XL mattresses, none of these choices are available.

The two twin XL mattresses that make up a split king-size bed are pressed together. A twin XL mattress measures 38 by 80 inches, and two of them together measure 76 by 80 inches. Which is the size of a King mattress. In a split king bed, the beds are not connected. This allows partners to choose different levels of firmness for each mattress. A split King bed typically costs more than one mattress that is the size of a standard King.

Couples with varying desires should consider a split king-size bed. You can easily purchase 2 distinct mattresses. That is if one partner prefers a firmer mattress and the other prefers something softer. If necessary, you can purchase a split king adjustable base. This allows you to independently raise each half of the bed. Split kings are much simpler to move around than a regular king mattress. Especially if you like to occasionally redecorate or rearrange your room.

Find Your Mattress

When it comes to adult sleepers, the choice of mattress firmness can significantly impact sleep quality and overall comfort. Like restless sleepers, adult sleepers have individual preferences and sleep needs that should be considered when selecting the right mattress firmness.

There is no one mattress type or firmness that works for everyone when looking for a mattress. To prevent the hips and shoulders from sinking too far, a mattress should gently conform to the body. While heavier sleepers might require something firmer, lighter sleepers might need something softer.

Side Sleepers

You are a side sleeper if you prefer to sleep on your side most of the time. Side sleepers need to maintain proper spinal alignment. They will need a mattress that conforms to their hips and shoulders. You might need to experiment with a few different mattress firmnesses to find one that works for you.

Back Sleepers

A medium-firm mattress is probably best for you if you like to snuggle in and lay flat on your back. That's because you usually need a mattress that is firm enough to keep your spine in alignment. But also soft enough to keep your hips, shoulders, and lower back at ease.

Stomach Sleepers

According to research, only 7% of people sleep on their stomachs. And for many that do, they may experience back pain as a result of doing so. For the best sleep if you sleep on your stomach, think about a firm mattress with a small pillow or none at all. This is because firmer mattresses have a tendency to maintain your spine's alignment. And also permit your midsection to be level.

Restless Sleepers

For restless sleepers, finding the right mattress firmness can play a crucial role in improving sleep quality and reducing nighttime disruptions. Restless sleepers often shift positions frequently during the night, and the ideal firmness level can help alleviate pressure points, provide support, and promote comfort, ultimately leading to a more restful sleep experience.

A medium-firm mattress is often considered a versatile choice for restless sleepers. It offers a balance of support and comfort, providing enough firmness to support the body and keep the spine aligned, while also offering enough cushioning to relieve pressure points. This level of firmness accommodates various sleep positions and movements throughout the night.

What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing A Mattress Size?

Think about the bed's height, the cost, and the size of the room. Before choosing a king or California king-size mattress, this must be accomplished. Take into account the space for sleepers and whether you both like to sleep close to one another. But to make the process much simpler for you, allow me to break it down for you.

Bed Sharing. Consider your sleeping habits when deciding on purchasing a mattress. A king-size mattress is a good option if one of you or both of you prefer more privacy. If you and your partner prefer to share a bed, a Cal king-size is a great choice.

Bedroom Size. You must leave at least one or two feet of room on the mattress's three sides. This is for greater flexibility in movement. Adding furniture to a space without feeling crowded is also possible. In a smaller room, a California king mattress might be more practical than a king size mattress.

Pricing. The most expensive mattresses on the market are the king and California king sizes. This is as a result of their size and the volume of materials they hold.

Due to the scarcity of California king mattresses, you might have to pay more. Bed linens, bed frames, and comforters are also subject to this.

Height Of The Sleepers. Another important factor to consider is height. Prior to choosing between the two, this will take place. Your ability to spread out on a sleeping surface will directly depend on your height. Tall Sleepers will benefit from this situation.

People who are 6 feet tall and under fit perfectly on a king-size mattress. For those over six feet tall, a bed of 80 inches in length is recommended. This is because it provides more space to spread out.

Is A California King Bigger Than A King?

It is perceived that way but no. California Kings are wider in diameter which allows more space to move around. However, King beds are longer which allows for taller people to sleep comfortably. To be exact. California Kings are 4 inches wider while Standard Kings are 4 inches longer.

What Is The Most Popular Mattress Size?

Queen mattresses are the most common mattress size available. They measure 60 inches wider by 80 inches long. This has some benefits such as:

  • Finding bed frames
  • Blankets
  • Sheets
  • Mattress protectors
  • More space to move around on

How Big Should My Room Be For A King Size Bed?

The smallest room that can fit a standard king-sized bed is 12 feet by 9.10 feet, according to industry experts. This will give you at least 30 inches of room to move around the bed.

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