Linenspa Mattress Review: Exploring Memory Foam Hybrid Beds

Since its establishment in 2003, Linenspa has concentrated on creating high-quality sleep. And that's at competitive prices! Linenspa’s product line consists of:

  • Pillows, sheets, and blankets
  • Comforters, mattress toppers, and mattress pads
  • Bed frames and other items

Overview of Linenspa Memory Foam Hybrid Mattresses

There are now six versions in the mattress line, I will mention four. Names were given to specify how thick it is and what type it is. Various models are available, such as the:

  • 8 inch memory foam hybrid
  • 10 inch memory foam hybrid
  • 10 inch latex hybrid
  • 12 inch gel memory foam hybrid and plenty more

The 8 Inch Memory Foam Hybrid is also regularly called the Linenspa Mattress. It is one of the most well-known models offered by the company. This model's price range and thickness are in the middle of Linenspa's range. A coil core, a polyfoam comfort layer, and a memory foam quilted cover are all part of it.

On Amazon, this mattress has a 4.5-star rating! A total of 132,167 people have reviewed it. Let’s see what some of them had to say.

D. Nguyen wrote, “I purchased this mattress about 3 years ago (pre-pandemic) for my then 4 year old son. It lives on the top of an IKEA KURA bunk/loft bed (situated in "loft" mode). There is enough of a raised edge on the top of the outer edge of the loft wall (ladder side) so he's not at risk for rolling off... I've personally tried sleeping on it overnight with my much heavier body (I'm 160+ lbs, 5,7"). I would say it's an acceptable mattress for an adult but much better for a child. The reason being is that I can feel the spring action underneath me and, while it isn't necessarily uncomfortable, it isn't offering the best support/comfort and there are better options available for adults of my size and weight... It's a wonderfully affordable mattress for that purpose. If you're willing to go bigger, I would suggest looking at the 12" Ashley Chime plush mattresses.”

GG wrote, “I'm a 200 lbs 6' tall contractor. I can't be fatigued when I wake up, my job depends on me getting a restful night's sleep... This mattress holds me quite comfortably. I've slept on it a month now, and the comfort/cost ratio is an incredible deal. I easily recommend this mattress.”

Sarahsmile wrote, “I bought this mattress for my nice and we’ve had it for about 2.5 years. Guys. It’s amazing. Every time I go in her room I flip on her bed and instantly want to pass out. It’s a firm mattress but very comfortable. Since I have a lot of back pain I’m hoping buying one for myself will help with that…”

You now also have 3 other reviews from verified purchasers of the Linenspa Mattress.

Firmness And Feel Of Linenspa

Edge Support

As with most hybrid models, the Linenspa Mattress has moderate edge support. The edge of the bed feels sturdy thanks to its steel coils. Sleepers won't need to sag a great deal to reach the solid core and its supporting edge. That's because the comfy top layer is quite thin. However, heavier people might sink more noticeably into the edge.

Isolating Motion

The Linenspa Mattress has an average level of motion isolation. That's in comparison to many hybrid mattresses. Many sleepers should not even feel each motion of their spouses. That's because the memory foam is quilted to the cover and the polyfoam comfort layer absorbs a lot of motion. The dispersion of motion could, however, be influenced by the coil core. The bed has bounce thanks to these springs, which frequently causes motion transfer. The coils on the Linenspa Mattress are not pocketed. This means that vibrations can also travel between coils.

Regulating Temperature

Ample airflow is provided by the Linenspa Mattress this is to keep the sleeping area cool. Its comfort layer is made of polyfoam. This makes it a lot more breathable when compared to other memory foam mattresses. It also shouldn't trap much heat. The coil core's generous airflow facilitates the dissipation of heat. However, the cover's quilted memory foam could retain some warmth.

The Linenspa Mattress should keep the majority of sleepers comfortably cool. People that are likely to overheat might be more sensitive to its warmth retention.

Hybrid Mattresses From Linenspa: Analysis Of Sleeper Types

Did you know your mattress should be chosen according to your sleeping position? Let’s look at how the hybrid mattresses from Linenspa hold up.

The Side Sleepers

The broadest sections of a person's body are their shoulders and hips. This normally exerts more pressure on the mattress when they sleep on their side. The comfort layer on the Linenspa Mattress is 1.5 inches thick, which some side sleepers might find to be too thin. It's possible for their pressure points to press up against the coil core. This will create pressure spots.

An excellent blend of tenderness and support may be enjoyed by side sleepers. Bear in mind, that's if you weigh under 240 pounds. The polyfoam comfort layer may provide adequate padding for enhanced comfort. With the added comfort, the coil core will also conform to your shape.

The Back Sleepers

Sagging close to the hips is one of the biggest hazards that rear sleepers encounter. Usually, back sleepers won't likely face much, if any sinkage. That is thanks to the Linenspa Mattress's 1.5-inch comfort layer. This 1.5-inch layer leaves little room to drop in before hitting the supportive coil core. A rear sleeper's natural curvature of their spine can be supported by this.

Usually, back sleepers receive the support they require on the Linenspa Mattress. And that is regardless of weight.

Rear sleepers that weigh more than 130 pounds may have more support and cushioning.

The Belly Sleepers

If a mattress isn't supportive enough, a person's hips and bellies may be dragged too far into the mattress. The Linenspa Mattress provides adequate support. This is to keep a stomach sleeper's midriff from dragging them too far into the bed. This also helps for better spinal alignment as well. A touch of plushness is also added by the quilted cover and polyfoam comfort layer. After extensive research, I have found out that many stomach sleepers appreciate this.


Is Linenspa A Good Couples Mattress?

Yes. Couples should find Linenspa mattresses to be comfortable because of their:

  • Low motion transfer
  • Sturdy spring base
  • Variety of firmness and size options

Four of the eight sizes of Linenspa mattresses are large enough for couples. The most advantageous features of the best mattresses for couples include:

  • Edge support
  • Motion isolation
  • Bounce

Edge support provides additional surface area for couples. Motion isolation enables two people to move independently of one another. Active couples frequently appreciate this preference-based feature and benefit from the bounce.

What Are The Benefits Of Linenspa Mattresses?

Low-profile style. Mattresses by Linenspa range in height from 5 to 10 inches. Compared to most other models on the market, the mattresses are thinner. The mattresses' low-profile form makes them less hefty and substantial. If you don't want a high bed, the design is a decent choice.

Low cost. The reasonable prices of Linenspa's mattresses make them ideal for those on a tight budget. The price of a typical Linenspa mattress ranges from $100 to $400, depending on the style and size you select.

Cooling Options. The gel memory foam mattress from Linenspa is engineered with cooling components. This is to prevent nighttime overheating.

What Are The Drawbacks To Linenspa Mattresses?

Manufactured in China. The company Linenspa is American. Despite being created in the United States, the mattresses are made in China. Customers looking for a product created entirely in America might be put off by this.

Overly thin. The mattress was only designed for people that prefer thin mattresses. No support is offered for people that prefer a thick mattress.

How Much Do Linenspa Mattresses Cost?

That will depend on the size or style that you choose. A typical Linenspa mattress can cost anywhere between $100 and $400.

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