Murphy Bed Pros & Cons

A Murphy bed is a type of bed that can be folded down vertically against a wall when not being used. It is also known as a:

  • Wall bed
  • Pull-down bed
  • Fold-down bed

Depending on the user's desires, Murphy beds can also be retracted into a cabinet or closet. Because of their multipurpose design and space-saving attributes, these beds are practical. However, there are still a few drawbacks to take into account before making a Murphy bed purchase. You should also take various Murphy beds' weight capacities into account. What are some Murphy bed benefits and drawbacks, and why aren't Murphy beds more widely used? Well, let’s find out!

Advantages Of Murphy Beds

Let’s see what are some of the advantages of owning or getting a Murphy bed.

Murphy Beds Conserve Room

As was already said, the main function of a standard Murphy bed is to conserve space in tiny homes or bedrooms. When the bed is not in use or during the day, a Murphy bed can help you free up some room if you have a small space. Murphy beds are only unfolded when needed. This can give the appearance of a roomier, lighter bedroom. Murphy beds are a popular alternative for campers and tiny houses alike.

Murphy Beds Have Many Uses

Early Murphy beds tended to be simple foldable beds with no extra storage. The style and functions of Murphy beds have progressed. Along with the evolution and advancement of making furniture.

The storage shelves that come with modern Murphy beds are located on each edge of the bed. However, some models come with even more. For instance, some Murphy beds have a storage unit that can be transformed into a sofa. Murphy beds are multipurpose. They can help you conserve even more room thanks to these qualities.

Murphy Beds Resemble A Regular Wall, Storage Space, Or Closet When They Are Not In Use

Murphy beds are popular because, when folded up against the wall, they resemble a:

  • Standard wall
  • Storage space
  • Closet

You can also consider this, the part of the Murphy bed that is visible when it is folded up as decorative. For instance, you could decorate the base with bedroom-appropriate paint colors. Or even arrange some books, artwork, or other items on shelves. To further enhance its aesthetic appeal, you can hang some lights from the bed.

You Can Use Murphy Beds As Guest Beds

Guest rooms are perfect for Murphy beds. It's crucial to have a room that isn't overstuffed with items! With a Murphy bed, you can still provide outstanding comfort for visitors. When you use a Murphy bed in your guest room, you can use the room as you choose. And only unfold the bed when you have visitors staying with you.

Disadvantages Of Murphy Beds

Now we will look at reasons why a Murphy bed is not good for you.

Murphy Beds Can Be Difficult To Unfold And Store

It was difficult to fold and unfold the early Murphy beds because they were so bulky. Contemporary Murphy beds are made to be simpler for the user to fold up and out as needed. However, it may still be challenging in some circumstances. Elderly adults should avoid opening or closing Murphy beds. The handles on Murphy beds are usually towards the top of the bed, which makes them challenging to reach. For pregnant women, unfolding a Murphy bed can be a challenging chore. Additionally, kids shouldn't open or close a Murphy bed. They might not be able to make sure that it is fully extended before use, which could pose serious safety risks.

Additional Arrangements Could Be Needed Throughout The Day

During the day. You might want to use the area left over after folding your Murphy bed for something else. Murphy beds provide you with access to some extra space. However, you still need to reorganize the room after installing one. When you just want to get some rest, it could be exhausting to have to take out your Murphy bed. Accessories for Murphy beds, such as:

  • Wall-mounted hangers
  • Bookcases

might lessen the need to reorganize your space.

Bedsheets Could Become Messy And Disorganized

Murphy beds also have the potential to make bed linens and pillows untidy and disordered. Additionally, if pillows are left in the bed after it has been folded up, they may easily lose their shape. Some Murphy beds come with dedicated storage racks to avoid these issues. Even if your Murphy bed has a storage rack, you still need to put the bed:

  • Linens
  • Pillows
  • Blankets

on it each time you draw it out and take them off each time you put it away.


When And Why Did Murphy Beds Become So Well-Liked?

William Lawrence Murphy originated the idea of a space-saving bed in the early 1900s. This led to the creation of the Murphy bed. Since then, Murphy beds' layout and functionality have substantially advanced. However, their primary function of saving space in tiny spaces has remained constant. Murphy beds were popular in the 1980s and 1990s since many people lived in very small apartments. Regular beds would not have fit in these cramped apartments. It left little room for other necessary items of furniture.

Why Or Aren't Murphy Beds That Popular Today?

Well, there are so many other sorts of mattresses to pick from. Also, living standards have improved over the last several decades. This is why Murphy beds aren't as popular as they once were. And not every bedroom's design may work with Murphy beds.

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